Gyohei Zaitsu

Butoh – Amnesie der Landschaft

Sabato 17.09.2016 / ore 21:00



By Duc (i.e. pixiduc) Paris, France

Gyohei Zaitsu is born 1977 in Tokyo/JAPAN and has been installed in Paris since 1999. His improvisations take place in the most diverse range of venues and he has performed many improvised and experimental solo pieces mostly in Europe and Japan. He works on both solo and group creations as a choreographer while continuing to follow his personal research on the body, the nature, the dream and its way of being in the world. Gyohei Zaitsu collaborates often with musicians and also works in the theater and cinema field. He gives the Butoh dance research workshop regularly in Paris and different places in Europe.

The body is a place where forces jostle and intersect.
Where do these forces come from?
I do not know.
The body exists beyond my comprehension.
And each time I dance, the memory is renewed.
Life dances. I cannot impede it.

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